Side bar or Rockslider?

Thank you for your interest in one of the products. To help you decide, we would like to explain the difference.

In off-road use, the sills on the vehicle are particularly at risk when driving over crests or through lateral rolling or even tilting movements with ground contact. There are two solutions from SEIKEL to protect against damage, whereby the Rockslider can be described as a further development of the side bars:

A) Side bars: these aluminium profile tubes with a wall thickness of approx. 4 mm are mounted on edge on the left and right under the sill, slightly inside under the vehicle. In this way, they primarily protect against damage to the vehicle directly from underneath, e.g. when driving over or sliding over crests, and are barely visible.

B) Rockslider: This is an extremely stable sill protector, which also protects the sill from lateral damage due to its design features. This is possible because it is a transverse aluminium box profile with a 4mm wall thickness on the bottom side, which protrudes slightly above the bodywork under the vehicle sill.

Both products are available for T5/T6 with short and long wheelbase. However, only the side bar is available for the double cab of each model.

Vehicles with SEIKEL side bars already installed can be converted to SEIKEL Rockslider. However, depending on the constellation, also in connection with a possibly installed tank protection plate, adaptations are necessary, which we calculate individually for our customers after informing them of their circumstances on the enquiry form.