We are expanding our off-road offer for Volkswagen commercial vehicles by adding selected delta4x4 rims to our range.

The cooperation between SEIKEL and delta4x4 enables us to combine the brands’ strengths in a shared basis for both companies to face future challenges.

We have some shared historical features that make us strong together:
Both companies have developed out of car dealerships. Both have always fully relied on innovation and quality in their off-road developments. Both Peter Seikel and Josef Loder have collected comprehensive hands-on off-road experience as participants in many rallies around the world. The hardest ones among them – among other things the “Dakar” one – set the standards for their subsequent work in various genres. Beyond this, they both share a continuing love for off-road adventure.

Cooperation offers practical advantages for end customers.

SEIKEL customers from the greater Munich area can have their chassis conversions performed at delta4x4 in future. In return, delta4x4 rims for the commercial vehicles of Volkswagen and MAN-TGE are available from SEIKEL. In an exceptional move, SEIKEL and delta4x4 have adjusted their TÜV certificates to the respective partner’s products, rendering selected delta4x4 rims easier to register.

The rims are launched with the designs “delta Alu Klassik”, “delta Alu Klassik B”, and “delta Alu WP”, which have particularly proven their worth both on and off the road and enjoy great popularity among the off-road community. For details and order options, see our website at

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