“Field & Forest” lift kit for Amarok 4-cylinder

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440,00  (ex. tax)

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Lift kit to raise body by approx. 25 mm.
Exclusively for vehicles with 4-cylinder engine!

Front axle:
• Extended special springs
• Raised chassis clearance by approx. 25 mm

Rear axle:
• 25 mm spacer with special leaf spring brackets and additional supports and bump stops
• The suspension permits the use of larger tyres.
• German approval certificate included
• Certificate Of No Objection (CNO) from Volkswagen
• The lift kit may shorten the expected service life of the drive shafts.

We recommend you order the Bolts and Nuts Kit TN 1070 0033 to fit the lift kit. As specified by Volkswagen, all these parts must always be renewed after removal.

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