Transmission ratio Torque & Trail 4MOTION

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In this price the following additional products are included:

Replace final axle ratio on T5 front-wheel drive or 4MOTION


Remove/fit gearbox

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Axle drive ratio 4MOTION with teeth numbers: 71:13, 71:19, 71:17
• Gears 1 and 2 = 18% lower than standard
• Gears 3 to 6 = 10% lower than standard
• Reverse gear = 17% lower than standard
Additional change to drive ratio in 1st gear: teeth numbers 49:10
• making 1st gear and reverse gear an additional 20% lower than standard
• Protects the clutch when pulling away
• Engine is more agile
• Same Vmax, but at higher rpm
• Fuel consumption increased by approx. 0.5 l/100 km

Absolutely necessary additional products:

  • Article-No: 1912 0003 Replace final axle ratio
  • Article-No: 1912 0004 Remove / fit gear box

We cannot guarantee that the cruise control and the gear indicator (in the multifunctional display) will work perfectly after installation.
If “Torque & Trail” is being installed it makes sense to fit the gearbox ventilation for higher wading depth at the same time, as the gearbox has already been emptied (see Article No. 1312 0007).

Not for vehicles with automatic gearbox.


Please fill out the provided warranty forms with your workshop and send them back to us.
Without registration, we can not guarantee the assumption of costs in case of warranty.

Old parts

The exchanged transmission parts are not returned to the customer.

Please note: The price calculation for the conversion offere here includes the retention of some of the removed gear parts for further processing.

At your express request, we can put the remaining dismounted parts aside for you and give them to you at pickup or include them in the shipment when the transmission is dispatched. 

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