The genuine “Rockslider” – designed for extreme applications and built in accordance with our German manufacturing quality standards.

The design principle for the Rockslider, which is well-known from the Amarok, was the inspiration for the new Rockslider for the Volkswagen Transporter series T5 from 2010 up to the current T6.1.

This extremely sturdy sill protector consists of an oval tube with a material thickness of 4 mm, which is reinforced by internal struts against the effects of high force, protects the sills during off-road use when hitting uneven ground or sliding over rocky knolls. The Rockslider protects the sill not only from below but also from side damage.

Customers with a vehicle that is already equipped with our “sill bar” product on the passenger side and a SEIKEL tank protection plate (which takes care of sill protection on the driver’s side) can naturally also convert over to our new Rocksliders.

Due to the different configurations, however, we cannot give any prices via the online tool. Instead, please use the option for an individual enquiry via the online form, from which we can quote you a price, including installation if desired.

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