SEIKEL presented its vehicles in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles pavilion as PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The visual highlight was a T5 Extreme with portal axles. Its striking design aroused great interest from visitors.

Based on several models from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we showed what can be achieved with a normal Volkswagen Amarok or Volkswagen Transport T5 when they are fitted with special off-road components. Of particular importance are the non-visible parts such as the underbody protective plates, special shock absorbers and the winch almost invisibly fitted behind the front skirt.

Peter Seikel and his team had a lot of explaining to do. For example the workings of the SEIKEL reduced ratio axles and gearboxes and the effect they have. Visitors could also experience a Volkswagen Transporter T5 during test drives over the all-terrain course on the fairgrounds.

They learnt about the astounding off-road capabilities, climbing ability and fording depth not previously expected from this vehicle.

Although there was no converted Volkswagen Transport T6 available on that weekend, questions relating to the conversion possibilities of the latest model generation were also answered.

All components which SEIKEL offers for the previous model (Transporter T5) are also available for the new Volkswagen Transporter T6.