SEIKEL Classic

From now on, you will find products “SEIKEL Classic T1” and “Classic T3” in the register.

Here we dedicate our commitment to sought-after parts that are hardly or no longer available on the market. Our approach has a high standard: new construction and originality in the sense of the vehicle manufacturer with optimised quality at original parts level.

The steering column of the Volkswagen T1, for example, which was manufactured from 1950 – 1967, is one of the products that can hardly be found any more. Today, of the approx. 1.8 million vehicles, many are still in private collections or even still in use.

We also supply optimised rear axle swing arms for the Volkswagen T3. Concerning this part, we at SEIKEL are committed to, for  example, higher strength than the standard moulded sheet metal parts had offered. There is even an expert opinion available on this, which means that there is no need for technical inspection and extra registration in the vehicle documents.


Detailed information about our small batch series of SEIKEL Classic products:

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