Equipment package”CRUISER”

4.872,00 € (incl. 16% tax)

4.200,00  (ex. tax)

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Owners of Volkswagen T5 / T6 and T6.1Transporters who do not want to
take their comfortably furnished camper van on extreme offroad adventures, but would like to ensure it has a few reserves, will find this kit an ideal solution at a fair price. This conversion package paves the way for a trip to the North Cape or a visit to Iceland that departs from the beaten track. Height increase in combination with the tyres included = 50 mm

The kit includes the following parts and services:

1014 0001    Lift kit “Desert” forr 4MOTION
1412 0009    2 side bars
1412 0017    Aluminium protection for engine and gearbox
1212 0009    Underfloor spare tyre holder
1610 0033    5 tyres 235/65 R17 108H Michelin Latitude Cross (without rims)
1820 0120    1 part certificate of conformity for wheel rims 7Jx17
1912 0054    Speedometer adjustment
Professional assembly in our workshop 63579 Freigericht

Certificate Of No Objection

The Certificate Of No Objection (CNO) from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles confirms that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has no objection to this conversion, provided it is fitted properly.

Despite the existence of a positive CNO assessment by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SEIKEL GmbH remains solely responsible for the roadworthiness, operational safety and endurance of its fitted parts and conversions as well as for the complete converted vehicle, inasmuch as the vehicle properties are affected by the conversion.

The executing company bears unlimited responsibility for the proper execution of the conversion and/or modifications. This also applies to damage which may arise from modifications to the basic vehicle. Volkswagen AG assumes no adhesion for any such damage.

In addition, this Certificate Of No Objection only applies if the design, production and assembly methods applied by the company executing the modifications comply with the state of the art.

SEIKEL GmbH assumes the customary national warranty for its products in accordance with its General Terms and Conditions of Business.


Please fill out the provided warranty forms with your workshop and send them back to us.
Without registration, we can not guarantee the assumption of costs in case of warranty.