Anyone setting out on an off-road trip should also think about situations in which self-help, help from or for others is required. Be it with a stuck vehicle at a water or mud hole or simple towing because of a technical breakdown …

To give you a good feeling when driving off, we put special emphasis on experience and quality when selecting each supplier we work with. That’s why we have chosen the renowned manufacturer SEILFLECHTER for our SEIKEL recovery set – a traditional German company with 275 years of experience that produces a wide range of quality ropes for nautical, forestry, off-road and firefighting applications.

> SEIKEL Recovery-Set


The SEIKEL salvage set – Made in Germany:

This is a package designed for vehicles up to 3.5 tons (without winch). The individual parts included are intended exclusively for vehicle recovery.


Contents in sturdy backpack:

  • 1 kinetic rope (black/blue), both sides with loop

    • 8 m long, Ø 24 mm, 8.000 kg breaking load

    • Extra strong rope protection sheath and additional belt protector on the loops to reduce wear and tear

    • 25% rope elongation, thus very gentle vehicle recovery

    • Very flexible, thus can be stored perfectly


  • 1 tow rope (white/red) with two soft shackles and central warning flag
    • 5 m long, Ø 25 mm, 10.000 kg breaking load
    • Extra strong protective jacket
    • Highly visible in white with red signal dots and additional warning flag. Soft shackles are used in the loops to protect the vehicle and rope from damage.


  • 2 professional offroad shackles “Black Series” – with abrasion resistant protector
    • 4.200 kg Payload, 8.400 kg breaking load
    • Core shroud-Novoleen® fiber with more abrasion resistant coating
    • Weighs only 120 gram


More information about recovery material

Any salvage material for off-road use – ropes, straps, shackles – should be able to withstand significantly higher tensile forces than the weight of the vehicle to be recovered, as getting stuck, e.g. in mud or sand, significantly increases the vehicle weight.

Novoleen® ropes made of high-modulus polyethylene used by SEILFLECHTER have maximum tensile strength and can withstand loads like a wire rope, only significantly lighter.

Kinetic ropes are very flexible, extremely stretchable ropes that act like a rubber band. The recovering vehicle drives into the kinetic rope, which lies loosely on the ground, with full acceleration. Only at the end of the stretch does maximum tractive force develop, freeing the stuck vehicle without jolt, but catapulting it gently. 

The core-sheath braid made of abrasion-resistant Birolen® 4 makes the rope less sensitive to dirt and sharp edges. In addition, it has very good UV resistance. The hand-spliced eyelets (loops at the rope ends) have webbing protectors to reduce wear and have a 10t system breaking load.

Kinetic ropes must not be used as tow ropes because of their rope elongation!

Tow ropes have only a low rope elongation and thus quickly on tension. They must therefore never be used like a kinetic rope – with a strong starting jerk – during recovery!

Forst-Offroad rope shackles, also called soft shackles, are in many cases the modern alternative for metal shackles. The rope shackles we use are made of pure Novoleen® and have breaking loads of up to 27 tons. They are an ideal link between two ropes or between winch rope and anchor point. A pull cord allows the eye to be opened easily and quickly, even in difficult weather conditions and without risk of injury.

An important feature of SEILFLECHTER rope shackles is the marking behind the diamond knot. Especially in the professional and commercial sector, a marking is often prescribed. In addition to the article number, you will find important information about the breaking load and working load of the shackle.