Decades of experience and the love for automobiles have prompted SEIKEL to also dedicate itself to the topic of classic parts. First and foremost, SEIKEL is concerned with the professional production of individual parts that are hardly or no longer available on the market, and not with entering as a competitor into a business field that is already occupied.

Our approach has a high standard: reproduction and originality in the sense of the vehicle manufacturer added with an optimised quality.

New! We now offer a repair kit produced by us in small series for the steering of the Volkswagen T1, model years 1950 to 1967. Of the approx. 1.8 million vehicles, many are still in private collections today or are even still in use. Perhaps you are one of the proud owners of that classic vehicle, having spent a long time looking for this.

Details of our newly launched product: 

The repair kit includes everything – from the steering column to the last cotter pin. All essential parts have been newly constructed by us strictly on the basis of the original parts. Ours are made of tempered steel and are newly manufactured on precision machines. The steering column is pre-assembled with bearings and other accessory parts needed for the conversion, no rework is necessary.

On this basis, the product meets our high quality standards for material, precision fit and function. All in all, a repair kit at original parts level.

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